The song wrong Danti with Coals and Shade: “I Speak of the healthy Italian ignorance”

It’s called “the Song” wrong the last single Giving, the century Daniele Lazzarin, manufacturer of the most known in the Country. This time he returns with a piece signed by him and with the collaboration of Luca Carboni and Shade. A song in which you play with the opposites, with the errors, a bit for fun, in other words, Mina, which is out of place, Elvis black and a cover, the wrong of “Nevermind” by Nirvana, and on the other a finger is pointed against the knowledge of ways, and flee. A song that was born from the reality that surrounds us: “What I like is to talk to people without making him too much of the moral,” said Danti interviewed by

“Out of tune as Mina… with the machine gun in the hand of Gandhi’s… small hands as Morandi”. Where did the idea of this song wrong?

Born from the reality! It is a photograph subjective of Italy today. We live in a world made up of 90% of things wrong and fake news, and when we try to understand what it is that we do not know the googliamo and what do we find? Guess? A fake news. This dog has a loop that bites its own tail. Beware of the loop!

A song the wrong, could not help having a cover wrong. As ever the choice of the Nirvana, only the citation to the workpiece or to the iconic?

That cover is an icon of a generation and precise. What was the dollar from the original cover of the Nirvana, today, to me, is represented by the banana of Maurizio Cattelan. The new generations are attracted to concepts that, in the balance between an incredible work of art and a crap crazy!

“And I’ll settle for a healthy Italian ignorance”. Feel, this song can be a simple game, but also a little critical at these times of the culture of hit-and-run. Which of the two theses we take for good?

In reality both because what I like is to talk to people without making him too much of the moral, on the contrary I put myself in this healthy Italian ignorance that we sometimes punishes, and sometimes saves us.

Shade and Carboni wrote their own verses, or there was already a cage? How do you work this thing?

In this project I am trying to have the figure of the artistic director, then, in substance, the singing less so, but I follow both authorial production from near. Let’s say that I jot down the text and the general concept, after which the song starts to come to life, and then is finalised with the artists in the studio and Luca Carboni, and Shade were the artists that are just right for this song wrong!

Feel it was the right time to exit? I’ve heard some of your colleagues and the idea is: “Never as now the music can relieve a little forced isolation”. You how are you experiencing this isolation?

The music, good or bad, is always a therapy, and I say that I do sessions daily for a long time. So this quarantine to me is normality, with an outside world that, however, is not normal! We hope that we throw everything in a hurry, in the meantime we try to alleviate some of this isolation.