The story of the halston designer’s house in the netflix series, famous as the studio 54

The story of the halston designer's house in the netflix series, famous as the studio 54

In photo: all images and drawings are copyright © the summer of paul rudolph and the paul rudolph heritage foundation. Not by chance he is today considered one of the most influential designers of the xx century, protagonist of the last miniserie tv of netflix, halston, produced by ryan murphy and starring ewan mcgregor. In 1974, when the legendary fashion designer halston bought it, he was at the height of his influence and was a friend of the most influential personalities in the world of show, art and fashion.

After the house was sold by halston in 1990, the iconic villa was acquired by lambs, then by the famous photographer gunter sachs and today it is owned by the famous designer tom ford. The infamous halston house in New York is one of the only three manhattan houses designed by the famous architect paul rudolph (ex dean of the yale school of architecture. ) The house includes two living rooms and four bedrooms of which a master double-height suite with a modern dressing room.

On the fourth floor there is a fabulous guest dependence with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bar and a terrace of 1,600 square feet, often oated also by lise minelli, historic friend of halston. Its clean lines and intimacy make this town residence unique in the architecture of manhattan.