The voice 2021, the cross-battles: vianney submerged by emotion, paul’o and anik eliminated

The voice 2021, the cross-battles: vianney submerged by emotion, paul'o and anik eliminated

It was a rich evening of rebound that the viewers were able to live on Saturday 28 April 2021 in the voice. For the first time in the history of the game, the cross-battle stage was presented. The rule is simple: in turn, each coach had to choose one of his talents to confront the title of his choice that of another coach.

So a crucial step for the next, with the risk that a coach will find himself without any talent in the direct! At the end of the cross-battles, only eight talents were selected for the semi-final. Wahil face to jim bauerIt’s amel bent that’s designated to choose the first.

Among her team composed of cyprian, anik, wahil and niki, the singer chose to fight wahil against a candidate of the lavoine marc team. In his team composed of arthur, jim bauer, louise and tarik, he sent in cross-battle jim bauer. Wahil launched the first on stage with the title sailors fighting in the dancehall of david bowie.

The young man showed great mastery and shared great emotion. The audience was very excited by offering him a thunder of applause before listening to jim bauer. The latter chose to interpret the mythical song of christophe, aline.

As usual, his performance was a fly and jim proved that he had everything from an accomplished artist. The audience voted to keep jim bauer at 62.5 per cent. He stays in the adventure and wahil is eliminated.

Giada face to paul’oin the tower of florent pagny to send one of his talents, among giada, marie, edgar and marghe, to the forehead. Which had to rub himself to a candidate of the team of vianney composed of mentissa, angelo, and paul’o (the vivi had qualified for cross-battles but was no longer part of the adventure). It is finally paul’o that is chosen to enter the arena.

A song for a voice artist! At the beginning accompanied by a piano, the beautiful Italian then realized a part of her performance a capella, offering a great moment to the public. Paul’o had the heavy task to pass right after but the candidate did not demerit by interpreting the corrida de francis cabrel.

His rauque voice once again allowed the magic to operate. The audience voted to keep giada at 59.4%. She stays in the adventure and paul’o is eliminated.

Tarik face to the vivifor the cross-battle that followed, marc lavoine challenged vianney with tarik and vianney chose the vivi to face it. At the time of the shooting, the audience voted in favour of the vivi but this one is no longer part of the competition, it is tarik that is qualified for the direct. Angelo face to arthurIt was then vianney who had his hand for a new cross-battle.

The audience voted to keep arthur at 69.7%. The singer sent cyprian to the arena to challenge the team of marc lavoine, to whom there was only one talent, namely praise. With his angelic voice, he was amazed by the audience and especially his amel bent coach.

The audience voted to keep cyprian at 73%. In her team, marie faced a talent from the tooth team, which asked niki to take up this challenge. Despite everything, she still showed great energy and impressed by singing what you waiting for de gwen stefani.

Niki started smoothly with her piano to take back bad romance from Lady gaga before letting her express her madness in turn. The audience voted to keep niki at 65%. Edgar facing mentissafor the last two cross-battles, it was once again florent pagny who had the opportunity to decide.

He decided to start with edgar and oppose it to mentissa, the last candidate in the team of vianney. Edgar, the youngest of the 17-year-old edition has always shown great shyness but once behind his microphone, he is a formidable opponent. This was confirmed when he took back the sos piece of a landlord in distress of balavoine daniel.

During his performance, vianney was overwhelmed by emotion and could not hold his tears. The audience voted to keep mentissa to 68.3%. To close these first exceptional cross-battles, marghe of the team of florent pagny faced anik of that of toffe bent.

The Canadian with a great voice was released on the sparkling song of tina turner, river deep, mountain high. The audience voted to keep marghe at 79.8%. She stays in the adventure and anik is eliminated.

Team summary for the semifinal:marc lavoine : jim bauer, tarik, arthuramel bent : cyprien, nikivianney : mentissaflorent pagny : giada, marghe