The Voice of Madame in Sanremo 2021: “Canto Celentano to talk about incommunicability in the school”

The Voice of Madame in Sanremo 2021: “Canto Celentano to talk about incommunicability in the school”

In the last two years Francesca Calearo’s career, in art Madame, has created a break in the Italian record market, succeeding in breaking down boundaries with his artistic fluidity. As Diodded, you get on a song first in the charts. I don’t have great expectations in life, like numbers or the success of the various things, because that’s not my final goal.

So that I’m on the radio it definitely makes me happy and satisfied, not in an exaggerated way, and I see it a little like that. I have always followed sanremo, I have also studied it because it is the most important Festival in Italy, this is a beautiful satisfaction. What school would you want to teach?

In elementary school I wanted to teach there, in middle school I wanted to teach in middle school, and in high school. Concretely, I’ll tell you in high school. I think I tell them the song of the suicides of the Divine Comedy or teach logical analysis.

I tell you clearly that when I write for a woman I can be much sweeter, much deeper. I think writing for a woman makes me much more empathic, makes my writing more liquid. In the history of literature, all the greatest poets have written for a female figure, and there will be a reason, in addition to sexuality.

However the world of women is a vast and very mysterious world, it is beautiful to deepen it. I guess Celentano’s choice for the cover is due to the desire to tell the incommunity. Draw a nice starting line, to start a literacy campaign on the theme of school education, of all ages.

In my humble opinion, as a student, the world is coming forward and the school is going back. Is it a problem of teachers who can’t keep up with time, or programs? With some teachers I have a wonderful relationship, I don’t think it’s their fault.

The problem lies in the school system, and all the figures around me think are just victims of this system. There are so many positive things, but so many other things that have to be changed. And I experienced, because on one side I saw school and on the other the working world, and I saw that school almost never gave me anything.

For now I do an “anomalous” job, but in the future all this will be normal. Working in digital, being influencers, videomaker, will be all normal and will start from very young. You can’t think that you start using your computer at 25 years, after college.

All the new generations are seen badly from the previous ones, because man translates his past in nostalgic way, ignoring the whole generational gap. There were 1500-year-old writers talking about how bad the boys responded to their parents, who were rebels. I tell you that border is not a term I love, I prefer limit, because these must be imposed.

They give a mental order to people uselessly, such as racism and homophobia that bring something negative. You have to feel free, not have certain boundaries, it is right that you take them away. Maybe put a limit on it, saying that over that, a person could overdo it.

The border prevents you from expressing yourself, freedom of expression is not free to say, but feel free to do so. When you feel free, because you’re not hurting anyone else, you don’t need to put boundaries. Take a curiosity: the story that “Schiccherie” was born from the neo-Medica song, right?

Sciccherie was born from “Che fai” by Francesco Brillante, almost all my songs, except “Voce” and very few others, are born from another song. I fill the beat with this piece and automatically reproduce it in my own way. I listened to her so much that I now know her by heart.

Then I will also understand my tiredness, because I am here with my mother, my dog, my best friend and my manager with whom I look great.