The youtubeuse who has “relocated” his autistic son adopted under investigation

An investigation was opened about the well-being of the adopted son of Myka and James Stauffer, Huxley (4 years), which has been “moved” by his family three years after the adopted of China. As revealed by E! News Thursday, June 4, 2020, a representative of the police department in Delaware said that it had received “several requests regarding the well-being” of the small Huxley, who suffers from autism.

“Our first concern is the well load-bearing capacity of the child, as well as to other children in the home. Our investigation is ongoing,” he been said. It should allow to verify the statements of the parents of Huxley, who explained in a video that they chose to “relocate” their child, because of his special needs related to his autism were too complicated to manage.

“He is with his new mom. He is happy, he is doing well and his mother has a medical training. He is in form,” explained Myka Stauffer in his video. She also stated that she had the impression of being a mother missed.

Since the announcement of the departure of the Huxley family, his story made a lot of noise on social networks. Internet users have gathered evidence demonstrating that Myka Stauffer and her husband had used the adoption of their son to the hearing. Special education Huxley was one of the principal subjects of their chain and generate a certain audience.

If Myka and James still perceive income thanks to YouTube, they have lost the majority of their advertising contracts, in particular with Fabletics, a brand of Kate Hudson. Giants such as Mattel, Barbie, or Playtex Baby have stopped working with this mother of a family.