Thiago Silva leaves Paris (pushed towards the exit), his wife Isabele moved

The world of sport can sometimes be cruel and go against the wishes of the athletes, even the strongest. Thiago Silva knows something. At the end of the contract with PSG after eight years of good and loyal services, the brazilian footballer of 35 years has not been renewed by the leaders of the Ligue 1 club, which it is, even for a few weeks, the captain.

In the evening of Tuesday, July 21, 2020, during a press conference before the friendly match PSG-Glasgow Celtic fc at the Parc des Princes – which resulted in a large victory of the Parisians 4-0 -, Thiago Silva did not hide his bitterness. The central defender did not wish to from this group where it is very well integrated, particularly because of the presence of many other Brazilians. “It was not my decision. This is not the time to talk about this topic. I’m waiting to speak after. I want to spend my last moments here with a good state of mind, because with all that PSG offered me and did for me for the past eight years, I am very happy with this time. The truth is that I didn’t want to leave, but the decision was already taken, I respect that and I will respect it until the end”, has launched Thiago Silva to reporters.

Thiago Silva liked just as much as his wife, Isabele in Paris, and this despite a burglary which occurred in 2018. Nostalgic of all the years we spent in the capital, and at the Parc des Princes, ms. Silva has chosen to express her excitement on Instagram on the day of PSG-Celtic Glasgow, they posted a video chronicling their adventure. “After eight years, it is time to go. Life is like that, but the most important is to move forward and be happy. This video does not even account for 1% of what we have accomplished here. Thank you my captain @thiagosilva, husband, father and professional copy, thank you fans,” commented Isabele Silva in legend, saddened and bitter at the same time.

There are a few months yet, Isabele Silva, influenceuse digital, was to continue to live in the French capital. “We would like to continue our careers in Paris”, she said in an interview given to Paris in the month of may, during the confinement. “The France I miss a lot. We would never have imagined that it would last so long. Paris is our home. We became French citizens, we love this country and its people for real”, she had also entrusted to him, or even : “For us, it would be great to continue at PSG, we love the club, the city, France. It is here that the children grew up, we would like to continue our careers in Paris.”

Thiago and Isabele Silva, who met in adolescence, are the parents of two sons, Isago (11 years) and Iago (9 years). The couple had been naturalized French in 2019.