Thibault Garcia released his first single : Baptiste Giabiconi and Keen’V already fans

Thibault Garcia embarks on a new career ! The former candidate for reality tv, become influencer and businessman, is now trying his luck in the music. And the husband of Jessica Thivenin has not done things by half in his debut as he has collaborated with DJ Asad to offer a song to the rhythm, very danceable. Titled Candela, the single is released this Friday, may 22, 2020, enough to enchant his half. “C’mon guys wake up ! Today, the output from the single of my husband Candela, too proud of him. Your son and I are proud of you, I love you,” said Jessica Thivenin making the promo of the song on Instagram.

Later, she began to explain the birth of this musical project amazing. “At the base, it was to the island of Mauritius and the two of a hand are heated. Thibault said he wanted to sing. Me, at the beginning, I made fun of him. He had a blank sheet of paper and Asad has heated up, it made the sound. It went too fast. All of a sudden, I saw him in the studio. It is a slaughter.

The single made the buzz on the web

But the mom of Maylone is far from being the only one to encourage her husband. On social networks, all the relatives of the couple were quick to share the song after its release. The Marseilles was, of course, the appointment to support their fraté. Thus, Paga, Kevin Guedj, Julien Tanti or Benjamin Samat have put forward their respective accounts. In addition, Baptiste Giabiconi has also been intrigued and even impressed by the singing debut of Thibault Garcia, as Keen’V. On Instagram, the singer is filmed in the process of ambiancer on the song, singing already words.

On the side of internet users, the news was very well received, and a wave of comments of congratulations has emerged on Twitter. “Quite surprised, you have a beautiful voice you hear and the choice of music is TOP”, “Honestly ? This is the loooourd”, “May be the new sound of the summer“, “The sound of Thibault is a killer”. This is what we call a box full !