To review a concert should we wait for the vaccine, says the President of the ISS

One of the major questions in the world of Music is when you start running the concerts. A question to which, at the moment is a complex one to answer, because it falls within a broader range of major events, and then of the gathering. For weeks, now, because of the pandemic the Country is in lockdown, mainly in isolation in the home, and this sector of the live music was among the first to stop completely, and will be among the last to come back in activity, with all the economic problems that ensue. The industry is moving, in recent days, various acronyms have made to the Government, 10 proposals to save the Music.

When will the live

This morning, the topic, he also spoke to the director of the Institute of Health care Silvio Brusaferro in a speech to the Agora, the transmission in the morning of Rai Tre. And the news, of course, confirm that for a few months, it will be difficult to think of live music as we used to enjoy: “In this moment we must exclude all those activities that involve aggregations, then the presence simultaneously of hundreds or thousands of people in confined spaces and in closed spaces. And this until we have a vaccine,” he explained Brusaferro, reiterating what many have already specified in the past few days. An expert in the field of Health, in fact, had talked, in an interview with the New York Times, which is unlikely before the autumn of 2021, the activities would be resumed.

Material physical for a long while yet

“Big events for big concerts or large gatherings in the streets or things like that these are activities that we are all aware of today that would put at risk the people who participate in it, but especially the people back at home contact other people. We’ll keep what we call the material physical” has closed the director of the ISS. In an interview with is the anthropologist of the disasters John Gugg he had explained: “According to an estimate by a group of epidemiologists at Harvard University, to reduce the expansion of the virus will need to stay distant until 2022. There may be insulation intermittent, but the attention may not be lowered for the next two years, which are the ones needed to get a vaccine or effective prophylaxis and, above all, for their administration on a planetary scale. In parallel with all of the great events to which we were accustomed, and that cadenzavano our cycle of the year will have to be rethought or, unfortunately, be suspended for a long time.”