Today’s horoscope 20 May 2021: virgin and sagittarius stay away from contracts

Today's horoscope 20 May 2021: virgin and sagittarius stay away from contracts

Here we are with the horoscope of today, Thursday 20 May 2021, with the sun in the last degree of the sign of the bull. From tomorrow also the sun will enter the zodiac sign of air of the twins where already are found also veins and mercury. In short, a sign that will be the undisputed protagonist of the coming weeks!

It’ll be good for sagittarius and virgin to avoid signing contracts, okay? The horoscope of the day 20 May: astral forecasts sign by signLet us not be fooled by the moon in the sign of the virgin who only theoretically is reliable and sensible. Today the sun is about to enter the twins while mercury is in square to nettuno therefore the stability of thought is not the priority.

The moon then indicates the needs, emotions, and in the sign of the virgin may indicate a need to maintain things as they are instead of throwing themselves into changes. Like him, you or small imperceptible signals to send unequivocal messages to those who can read between the lines. Maybe it’s the nerve that gives you mars but today you’ll be disrespectful and unstoppable!

In photo: Today’s horoscope for the Aries signlove: provocative… just try not to change in quarrel some little bisticcio. The advice of the day: the debates as far as possible: It’s no use getting angry about irresistible issues! Vote 6 and a halfbull (21 April – 20 May)Today’s moon has the same effect that has had the victory to friends for the little giulia!

The only, ungodly, difficulty is represented by saturno: He wants you to deal with your responsibilities! In photo: The horoscope of the day for the sign of the bulllove: you’re at the game and take everything lightly! Work: that famous verification of your performance is confirmed: face it high!

Health: you have enough energy to also consent to move the very heavy chair that you have at home in another room! The advice of the day: Try that new fusion restaurant downtown! In photo: Today’s horoscope for the sign of twinslove: great moment but try to be always honest and honest!

The council of the day: avoid a battle of unnecessary screenshots to show you are right: is childish and does not honor you. As the spot of dietorelle who is not afraid to talk about homosexual couples or polygame relationships with naturalness! Between Tuesday and moon in favor, you feel able to shout to the world what you feel and who you are without fear of being judged!

Is a great step for such a sweet and tender sign as you! Make sure you keep this mood alive and face all the obstacles of the day! In photo: The horoscope of the day for the sign of cancerlove: surprise your partner with some provocative photos on your phone during working time!

The advice of the day: clean your mobile phone from pictures of ex, uncomfortable messages and old mails: prepare space for the new! Vote 8lion (23 July – 23 August)the right way to get back in shape after all this period of opposite youth is, they say, a rice-based diet! Satiating and digestible, it is perhaps the quickest solution to get back on track.

In photo: The horoscope of today for the sign of the lionlove: romantic and sweet, the partner can’t tell you no. Work: do not fear the head: It only keeps us that you do a good job! The advice of the day: pull out of the closet clothes that you no longer put and rework with the help of a tailor!

Vote 7 +Virgin (24 August – 22 September)Dear Virgin, today saves your moon. In photo: The horoscope of today for the sign of the virginlove: decide to disconnect most of the discussions… except those that have the disorder that leaves the partner home as a topic! Job: You can keep a perfect face poker even when you’re tempted to let go to criticism and screams.

Health: do not exaggerate with your home workout today: better a little relaxed stretching. In photo: The horoscope of today for the sign of the balancelove: tender and romantic as the protagonists of romance novels! The advice of the day: brought behind an extra pack of handkerchiefs.

Today you may need to console a friend who sees his life in you! But I’m sure they’re just amazed because they’ve never spent a day with you in the office! With this mars in favor you are a tireless perfectionist who even reprints 200 pages of contract from the top for one comma out of place!

Fortunately, the moon is removed from the square in the early hours of the day…in photo: The horoscope of the day for the scorpion signlove: a little insecure…work: determined and without fear! Health: Mars manages to get you through every obstacle… even a morning at the city market among the ladies infervorate at the bargain counter! The advice of the day: I appreciate your commitment but remember to take a break every now and then!

Vote 7sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)scientists have studied that humans tend to develop emotional relationships with robots if they cares about them by following a programmed act. What do you think if, for example, you get cuddled by the microwave or if the vacuum cleaner gives you a hug? Do you think it would help you to be a little softer and less anxious today?

Unfortunately moon and veins seem to lean more for a tense day… and no robotic count could help you! In photo: The horoscope of today for the sign of the sagittariusLove: I fail, you seem not to want to be approached by anyone! Work: You do the whims before you dare to go home: you really don’t want to go to work!

The advice of the day: the mobile phone in air mode always works great as an excuse to pretend you have not received calls! Oa empathy and mental openness that this moon grants you and tries to be as open as possible to the opinions of others! Remember that from each comparison there can also be unrepeatable opportunities of growth and, perhaps, even clarifications you wanted for a while!

In photo: The horoscope of today for the sign of the whimLove: tender: you want to stay hopped on the sofa with your partner all day! The advice of the day: give yourself a new pair of comfortable and fashionable slippers to be able to show off on the beach this summer! You live, like her, a cheerful and creative period thanks to veins and mercury still good and positive.

In photo: Today’s horoscope for the Aquarius signlove: the partner is in love with you and your deliranti spirit jokes! Work: Your idea of larger coffee cups to stretch breaks could even be accepted! Health: mood improves and even the feeling of having more energy than usual available!

The advice of the day: the idea for an unforgettable gift? A bouquet of roasters and small culinary delights for your gourmet partner! Vote 8 –fish (20 February – 20 March)You’re not good at telling lies and organizing the stage!

She was exposed in no time and you, to avoid the same end, would better take the distance from all these tricks: They can’t! In photo: Today’s horoscope for the fish signlove: don’t tell lies to those who you’re dating… risk yourself! Work: tell the boss you forgot the files you had prepared at home… instead you didn’t even start thinking about it!

Health: to vent the tension of this moon, it is good a little training in the home garden! The advice of the day: Tonight, stand in front of a classic disney in the company of your favorite plush.