Today’s horoscope 24 March 2021: how much decision for rams and lion

Today's horoscope 24 March 2021: how much decision for rams and lion

Today’s horoscope on Wednesday, March 24 sees the moon in the sign of lion and Venus, always combined with the sun, in the sign of the ram. Compared to yesterday, in which we found a strong emotionality represented by the water element, today to dominate the scene is the element of fire. Mars then, in the sign of the twins, is still in perfect trine (looking that strengthens) with saturno, as to indicate a great determination and resistance to fatigue.

The horoscope of the day March 24: astral forecasts sign by signin the sky of these days we do not find any retrograde planet. The retrograde of slow planets often leads us to rethink but also to relive, to understand deep. Now it’s like we’re walking for the first time on a virgin soil!

Ariete (March 2021/”>21 – April 20)What better moment, if not the current, for a change of look so radical that you can break every possible record on social likes? Of course, I’m not only referring to billie eilish who, with a good platinum, managed to gather more consent than ever, but also to you, aries! The moon is all yours and allows you to stimulate even the vein that has so much desire to put you in the spotlight.

Love: quiet. Work: You are a born leader, they choose you as a spokesman to speak with the boss. The advice of the day: you could even challenge yourself in a endurance race in plank.

In your case the moon and it benefits, both squares, facing creating a little tension… breathes and not let you drag by the vicissitudes that concern you. Love: stack on the sofa while enjoying the partner’s grates. The advice of the day: get a moment only for you during your day.

Read a book you love or simply put your favorite cd to full volume! Vote 6 –twins (21 May – 21 June)you have no peace as fedez. Like him, you also have fun teasing those you love as little jokes… careful though: not everyone likes to fall victim to your ironies!

Love: feel the desire to love in you. Work: dehydrated on important things… maybe you do it a little too often! Health: cheerful, smile at everyone and put in good mood in those who meet you!

The advice of the day: give yourself time, especially to listen to answers and reactions of those who ask. Escape as soon as you have a match it deprives you of most fun! You can use it especially when you realize that your interlocutor cannot be sufficiently delicate to hurt you with his harsh words.

Love: not just at the top: you can take a break to collect ideas and feelings. I’m not sure the beatings in the office to put you in a corner. Health: you should work a little more on self-esteem.

Vote 6 and a halflion (23 July – 23 August)The thing I appreciate more than you, dear lion, is your fair play. Second not even to that of mourinho who entered the locker room of the opponents who had beaten him to compliment them. Love: Of course, if you let yourself go to love it would be easier!

Work: surprising the way you face the cheeks of every day! The advice of the day: You can overdo it today. Also go to the office with an impactful color as palette of your outfit!

Mercury and miserable husbands are certainly not allies of your latent humour… try to make you find every good excuse to attack brigade! Love: Step by step you will find the right way to retake emotions! Work: you need to read the emails five or six times before you get the sense.

Vote 6 –balances (September 23 – October 22)There is a nice difference between choosing difficult situations and loving the impossible. Love: put yourself in the head that will be difficult… but you already know that you don’t want to demolish. Health: turn your attention to meditation and mindfulness: They will be perfect allies.

Love: give little attention to those who deserve a lot! Work: you don’t stop in front of anything… and it may not be good! Health: nervous and uncomfortable… you need to find some inner peace… the advice of the day: do not exceed and stay a little on yours.

There are heavy planets that look at your every move and you’d be fine to move carefully. Vote 5 and a halfsagittarius (22 November – 21 December)Do you have any problems? Square mercury gives you the impression of being in front of the task of history of superiors without having studied?

The important thing is to always remember to dance, even in the rain (or snow. Love: if it can bear you even during these hard times, it is the right one. The tip of the day: write nice letters to leave under the door of the neighbors together with a slice of cake you just baked.

Work: operational but a little bored. Finds, on the other hand, a constructive way of using this energy… how about giving you to the activity of dog sitter in leisure time? Health: a dizzying moon and a dance mood.

The advice of the day: take the opportunity… even those that are misguided! Sometimes it is enough to switch small contratempi into great successes! Vote 8 –fish (20 February – 20 March)try them all to be close to those who love… even when the world, or better, marches, puts you wrong to test you.

Love: reflect a little more on the goals you desire to achieve… is it really worth it? Work: nothing stops you… not even the fault of the telephone line that disconnects your pcs. Health: residual energies equal to 15%: energy saving revenue.

The advice of the day: I recommend some pampering on the couch, just come home. The partner, the pet and also the pillow of the sofa… also makes volume that!