Tony Yoka pushes his 2 year old son and a half to the incivility, videos, improbable

The déconfinement began on 11 may 2020, in a logic of prudence, in order that the pandemic coronavirus does not regain the most beautiful in France. To do this, some facilities remain inaccessible, in particular the play areas in the malls. In any case, in the departments always red as the paris region.

Tony Yoka and his wife Estelle Mossely live in Champigny-sur-Marne, in the Val-de-Marne, with their two children : Ali, 2 and a half years, and the little Magomed, who was born may 7, 2020. Thursday, may 21, 2020, Tony Yoka went shopping with Ali, an output between the boys that the olympic champion of boxing, 28-year-old has filmed and shared in his stories Instagram.

Then on the playground, the shopping centre was closed, Ali still went to play. All under the eyes of his father who did not tell him to get out, quite the contrary. Tony Yoka invited his son to do a first round of slide, then a second, telling him that he was watching if a “sir”, a security guard responsible for the security and respect of the gestures barriers, happened. Finally, Ali is released at the approach of the “gentleman”, his father living this incivility as a feat.

These videos go against that advocated by Tony Yoka a few days earlier, the compliance of the actions barriers despite the déconfinement. “We can leave, but be sure to adhere to the gestures barriers,” he wrote on Instagram, posing with a mask to invite thousands of subscribers to protect themselves.