Tooth: “I surrendered myself to my limits and I told you change”

When you put on “Even if I don’t want” you would never think at a certain point, starts the voice of a Tooth. That voice is impossible to forget, that he accompanied the singer-songwriters of the Italian in recent years. Giuseppe Peveri, in fact, is one of the leading proponents of what we can enclose inside the tag of the new Italian singer, but since the labels leave things as they are, and he himself was wanting to try some new solutions. For this he has ditched the acoustic guitar and wrote songs at the piano, an instrument that doesn’t handle perfectly, but that allowed him to see things with different eyes, to return to some of the most simple solutions. And it is not a case that the change is a bit the fil rouge that ties everything his last album which is simply called “the Tooth”, as explained by the singer-songwriter, reached via Skype.

In a direct a few days ago you said: “I have changed my approach with the music, I realized that the past is not necessarily the most beautiful, but it is different.” Let’s start with this reflection that, as I understand it, it was a nice turn in the way you approach it the music?

That thing that I said is true and I have always known in relation to me. I always thought that the music of the past, perhaps better, was made better and with more heart, that sounds better, that’s it. However, at the same time, I have always complained about those who said ‘Bravo, Bravo’, patting on the shoulder ‘Eh, but De Andrè, however, De Gregori, Venditti, where you want to go?’. So I have always lived in this strange thing, although I was somewhat convinced that how you did things before was better, if for no other reason that the things of the past I liked more of the existing ones.

Then something changed, what happened?

Today I also discovered that there are some contemporary that I like, I listen to a lot of more contemporary music today a few years ago, I went back to listen to the music of my time, as I did when I was younger and I listened to the music of my contemporaries. Going back to listen to my contemporaries and to us of the interesting things. Among other things, if you look at the young people who make music, they just don’t care what was there before, does not give a damn give a damn what there was, instead we have always had this myth of the past revered. And if I was really old inside, I would say, ‘Ah, these young people who do not give a damn give a damn should study, instead, not being very old, I say that this thing is a luck, because in this way you can make the things really new and different.

And speaking of changes, your album is full of them. What was the moment you realized that you wanted to make a change?

There was a precise moment, it was an evolution. I started working on this album a long time ago, I started to write songs, some of them I had written at the time of “Songs for half”, and I was kept there: I had made, as always, created in the house with the computer making my arrangements. Making them feel, however, I realized that I have limits, and I made a disc very similar to everything that I had done before, and then I realized that I would not have been to make a technical change, I thought that I needed someone to take the songs, take away my way of seeing music and dressing her in another way. To do so, of course, it is very difficult if you want to keep your identity: I did not want to distort my music, do something completely different, that he could leave the interdict those who knew me. I wanted that, listening to a piece of me you recognize, also with a different dress on him. What I figured out is was the spark that made me understand things, then to get to what you feel, there have been an album in between and a little bit of things.

There is a nice change also the sound in the album, but still, that is not lose your fingerprint…

For me, this is a great change, I know what there was behind, I know what I gave up, the sufferings that I have suffered for it, so for me this album sounds way different. Another thing I have discovered is that people evaluate the songs in good and bad, which is something of a disarming simplicity, but very true. When I published the first piece, “Even if I don’t want to” I was agitated, I was wondering what people could say this to sound different, without the acoustic guitar, all somewhat synthetic, “I say plague and horns”, instead I said “nice piece”.

The choice to put things in the hands of Cantaluppi how is it coming?

With regard to the production Matteo Cantaluppi arrived in the second bar, in the beginning I did all of the pre-production with Federico Laini in Bergamo in his studio, where we created the idea of the arrangement, the choice to take the acoustic guitar, to use certain things, to write the battery to the computer instead of playing them back at someone, with a more contemporary approach. That then is a thing that I’m not able to do, I wouldn’t have been able to do, instead, Frederick is very quick to do this things and is good at it and in two and a half months we have built all over the disk. At that point we went by Matthew (and by Ivan the Red) where we recorded all the instruments for real, because it is all true what you hear. Having reinvented himself as a bit of pop in Italy, and having a concept different from our own, Matthew is more than capable of telling us to remove frequencies and, in short, is more technical on certain things. Notwithstanding the fact that he is an artist, and is a talented musician, a very talented drummer.

Speaking of change, I would think “did you Not say”, “my previous life”, as well “Even if I don’t want to” There has also been a change in the writing, tell me about it?

The writing has changed definitely in the tool that I mainly used to write this disc, i.e. the piano. The composition of the melodies, even voice, the chords used is definitely different, because I am a beginner of piano, then also the work in subtraction, I was useful. I have done things with the guitar, I would not have done that because I find it too simple, although it is not even a guitarist great. “Adieu” is a song made of three chords simple with the guitar, I would never have written, and then I was very useful to change our point of view. Then there is that this is a selection of eleven songs on the 25 total that I’ve written that I have chosen because each one spoke of one aspect of me, there is a song that speaks of my past, one of the hypothetical future, there is the love song, current etc. “Even if I don’t want to” is a bit like the business card, of me to inquire on how I see others: as, in the songs, that for me are a thing and for those who listen are others, so it is also for people, for you are someone, for my mother is another thing and for me are another thing still, is a little wonder of who we really are.

“It will be the music to change the world they said today at the tv”. In that way the Culture has helped?

For me it has always been the most important, and I think music has saved your life, just as a listener, when, as a boy, I began to listen to it, so many years before begin to play. I think that Music and Art in general can do miracles, can save your life because it makes you understand that there are things that you’re not thinking, makes you reflect so much. To me choice of roads, I do not know to explain well why and doing music, I have found a vent valve, hold them in would be difficult. I often say that writing a song, in which shooting something outside, it is always better to punch the wall, do less harm to myself and to the wall.

Why do you think we notice so little of it in normal times?

Perhaps because today we have less things to think about, although the Art is always there, even if we do not realize it. So as we are not aware of how beautiful is the city in which we live if we do not stop to look at her, how important it is to the person that we have next until we stop and think it through on, maybe we are getting too much of a hurry to think about it and take them for granted. Maybe this time here it may be useful to be aware of the things that usually we do not notice.

“But do not worry do not feel anyone, the singer-songwriters don’t sell more…” singing in “Songs for half”, which is clearly the reason why you’ve ditched the acoustic guitar, no?

[laughs] That’s always been a joke, in fact when I released that what the songwriters have started to sell, so it means that I did not understand a fuck.