Top Chef 2020 : A candidate soon to be married announcement photo

A former candidate for Top Chef has just announced a great news on Instagram. It is… Martin Feragus. The candidate season 11 (2020) revealed that, with his fiancée Flower, they were to spend a significant milestone in their married life.

For several years, the former member of the brigade of Philippe Etchebest is in a relationship with a young woman who bears the gentle name of a Flower. On December 5, 2018, they have had the immense happiness of welcoming their first daughter, Louise. And soon, the girl will wear a beautiful dress for a unique occasion, that of the marriage of his parents. On the 1st of July, Martin Feragus, in effect, has announced that in the coming days, her better half (who is the head pastry chef) and him were going to unite for better and for worse.

To make this beautiful advert, the cook has published a photo of the Flower and him, sitting on a bench in Montmartre, arm in arm, looking towards the horizon. “Still a few days before finally being able to call you Mrs. Feragus. Thank you for making me happy every day @fleur_guinaudeau”, he wrote in the caption of his wonderful publication.

The public had been able to make the acquaintance of Flower in Top Chef 2020. In the episode of may 6, she came to support Martin before an event. And the applicant had had tender words to her. “My girlfriend is my pillar in my life. It is the most beautiful encounters that I’ve made. She gave me the most beautiful gift, our little girl who is absolutely sublime and wonderful. (…) Flower, I owe him everything. It is essential in the life of every day. She believes in me,” he confided. But the little cachottier had not revealed their upcoming wedding at the time.

It must be said that Martin is very shy and he prefers to preserve his private life. But the news was so important that it has without doubt made an exception by sharing his happiness to come. Congratulations to the happy couple !