Top chef 2021 : baptized eliminated, a surprise in the last minute black and panic box!

Top chef 2021 : baptized eliminated, a surprise in the last minute black and panic box!

In top leader 2021, they were initially fifteen to hope to succeed to Welsh david, winner of the previous season. Summary of this beautiful evening presented by stéphane rotenberg with the four helène darroze, michel sarran, paul pairs and philippe etchebest. It challenges candidates: to make two different texture sauces that will reveal to the tasting all their flavors and transcend a simple chicken white!

Sarran midchel brigadeStone knows how to scam sokele since he worked for him years ago. The young candidate offers two sauces. First a white poultry melted green curry, and then a vinegared poultry juice with tomatoes and marjolaine.

Michel sarran warns him: both sauces are chicken-based. Philippe etchebest Brigadematthias has already worked as a wizard so this test for him is in the pocket! It first produces a chicken sauce with yellow wine and onion pickles.

Then in a second time, the candidate proposes a vegetable oil based on celery branch and parsley. It starts in the preparation of a broth created with safrané poultry with chorizo and capucine flower. It also offers a grass oil based on celery branch, parsley and basil.

It offers an anise poultry juice as well as a herb mousse cream, with parsley, tarragon and aneth. Paul pairs to advise him to exceed, she executes and adds almost spitted lemon to her juice. The recipe for the first is: poultry juice, pig, beet and sichuan pepper.

In second sauce, it offers a mussel juice to bring the salin side of the sea. Heelene Brigade darrozearnaud has been under-leader at alleno yannick, the “sauce store,” for two years. He works a yellow wine sabayon and a poultry juice with cardamom and vanilla.

For this, the candidate works a rock juice based on sardines, urchins and redts. In the second sauce, it offers an ultra fresh herb emulsion with green lemon, celery, mint, basil and granny smith. Sokel arnaud eliminates sarah, matthias and bruno dishes just by tasting the sauces.

In the black boxIt’s a mythical event of top chef: the black box! The candidates and their brigade chiefs are tasked to reproduce a plate they tasted at the blind, in total black! surprise this year, the identity of the chef who made this plate will only be revealed at the end of the test.

In reality, gilles goujon is at the origin of the plate, a black monochrome composed of octopuses, seiches, calamars and Mediterranean tracks. Mohamed and bruno are the first to enter the black box. Michel sarran and paul pairt merge and work with arnaud, baptist and matthias.

It is once the chefs enter the black box that each one gets closer to the initial recipe of goujon gols. At the end of the event, sarah and matthias enter the black box but with light! They describe what they saw to their comrades, but they have no right to touch the plates.

Panic in the brigades who discover that it is a black monochrome! It is bluffed by the visuals of the two plates but prefers the preparation of the helene team darroze and philippe etchebest. Last chancearnaud, baptist and matthias compete for this last chance on the theme of forgotten vegetables like topinambour, salsifis or panais.

The recipe of arnaud: caramelized panais, panais purée, glazed rutabaga, salsifis chips, coffee-anis emulsion. The recipe of matthias: roast panais, baked with timut pepper, citrus condiment, fresh citrus fruit and panais chips. The recipe of baptist: purée de topinambours confits et ciboulette, chips de topinambour, émulsion de lait de macadamia aux herbs, lardo.