Top chief 2021 – baptized eliminated: rumors of couple with pauline, reviews. he says everything (excluding)

Top chief 2021 - baptized eliminated: rumors of couple with pauline, reviews. he says everything (excluding)

The young leader was eliminated from top 2021 during the last episode released on Wednesday 14 April 2021, after ten weeks of competition. For, the candidate of the paired bachelor squad takes stock of his adventure. I was blind, I didn’t want to leave, so I wanted to win, so fuck what, I was disgusted.

At the last chance, the four chefs only make positive reviews on your plate. How do you live this departure without failing? It was too salty my thing anyway.

During his last chance, stone “scratched the forehead.” During other seasons, candidates also injured off. For the little stone anecdote, he’s self- maimed, huh.

He put the fridge door in his mouth. I’m not sado-maso, so it’s all right. What was the best time of adventure?

There’s a lot of them: my entry into top chef, my belly, the little Saint-Jacques, the ceviche, my little cabbage last week, the events we won as a team, my sashimi of vegetables. Actually, I’m pretty proud of everything I’ve done. Frankly, I think people will cry, the king is gone (laughs).

You’ve evolved within the pairing paul brigade during the contest! Simple and brief reports because we didn’t have so much time to discuss together. But it’s a model of success, I hope to be one day like him, but if possible before his age.

If I can be like him but younger, it would be good. He called me yesterday, left me a message to tell me that he was looking at top chief. He said to me, it’s so bad that you left, and so it made me happy.

In top chef and daily, there are few women in the kitchen. It’s a speech that makes me a little shit because actually it’s completely fake. There are four seniors in all the kitchens and we will see that there are almost as many women as men at the moment.

I’ve already had female chiefs in my kitchen three women, so I don’t agree with that, that’s not true. Alexia duchĂȘne, ex-candidate of top chef, had denounced sexual harassment, even worse in the kitchen. It was pretty cool, I was a little scared when I came home, and then at the end I didn’t want to leave.

On social networks, some have lent you a love relationship with your former pauline Brigade comrade. From the moment you answer, you have something to blame yourself. Pauline, she’s a friend and she was my partner so we’re probably spending time together.

With my girlfriend, we’ve been together since June, but we’ve known each other for five years. Also, your other fellow sarah brigade told you in the middle of the trial that you were “a little boring.” In fact, her mission was to make tacos, she was gallanting, and the reporter who filmed it was pissing her by asking her: ‘So you did that?

‘, and I had to go behind laughing and then she said to me, ‘You’re boring.’ Always on social networks, some find you arrogant, what do you have to answer? And as a chef, it’s every day I get criticized.

We took advantage of it to open a pop-up in the restaurant where I am chief, which is called flat bread. So we work a little, fortunately otherwise it would be really boring. What do you think of the scandal of clandestine dinners?

It’s kind of like fucking the guy who smokes a joint at his place. I don’t think it’s dramatic, and it’s a long time to be closed. What bothers me more finally, is people who pounce, I don’t like pookies too much.

The deletion is not pretty. Well, the street food project and when we can reopen, revive the mordu restaurant. With my boss, who is becoming my partner, we also want to open another restaurant and do something between disneyland, amusement park, and gastro rock-punk.

I don’t know how it’s gonna be, but there’s gonna be fire, flames, laughter and music. Exclusive content cannot be recovered without the mention of