Top chief 2021 : scam eliminated, fire in the middle of the test, a restaurant evacuated!

Top chief 2021 : scam eliminated, fire in the middle of the test, a restaurant evacuated!

This Wednesday, April 21, 2021, the evening, presented by stéphane rotenberg, is marked by the return of a mythical event in Covid-19, as well as by the departure of a candidate. As every year, the restaurant war is invited to the famous M6 competition. Three binômes, assisted by former candidates, are dedicated to creating a restaurant, from the concept to the menu, in Aulnay-sous-Bois in the Paris region, to the decoration, in just 48 hours.

The culinary critic François-Régis gaudry will first judge the aspect: the restaurant that he likes the least is disqualified and the binôme concerned is finally released. This test is done in click & collect! The critic and the four brigade chiefs will taste the dishes on site, and the Lambda customers will recover their foods to take away!

The first is an Italian restaurant with a large red front and a small room. The second is a Polish restaurant with a rather austere frontier and in summary interior. Finally, the last, which is also the largest, is a French bistro with a colorful atmosphere.

Bruno and stone choose the Polish restaurant, arnaud and sarah prefer the French bistro, mohamed and matthias work in the Italian restaurant. Concept, decoration and restaurant namestone and brown: the colocStone leaves in every direction, ideas are in her head! He imagines shaping the establishment in an apartment, “as if we were eating at a friend’s house.”

The duo gets busy and plans, in the wild, to propose slippers to the guests. Careful, philippe etchebest warns: a meal at the restaurant should not uncomfortable the guests. On the side of the menu, stone and bruno agree: they want to propose family dishes, “dressed bistro but pretty”.

Stone takes care of the great decoration and especially for a tablefoot. Mohamed and matthias: nomadmatthias has a big advantage: it has already opened its own restaurant. Then he prefers to follow the ideas of mohamed, and bring his personal touch.

Matthias deals with plants, decoration mohamed and large furniture. Sarah and scammer: urban brotharnaud would like to keep the bistrot side of the establishment, but by adding a street food key. There was no need for the duo to agree on this concept of “urban broth”.

Sarah handles the furniture and reports a bench and a street street street lamp. Old candidates back, discovery of menusthe three ducks are helped by former top-leader candidates 2021. mathieu accompanies mohamed and matthias, baptist joins stone and brunette and finally pauline helps sarah and srnaud. Menu of mohamed and matthiasinput: marinated and flambé mackerel, oyster cream, cucumber pickles and lemon condiment.

Dessert: creamy lemon and orange blossom, sponge cake pistache-basilic and tops of flambé citrus. Thankfully, mathieu has the nice idea of spending the meat in the pizza oven. But the temperature is not the same, and philippe etchebest and helene darroze intervene.

The restaurant under the smoke is evacuated. Sarah menu and srnaudinput: frog thighs, frog thighs, frog thighs, green tempura paste and gribiche sauce. Flat: buckwheat tacos, burgundy beef, salsa onion carrots, lemon thick cream and weed crunch.

The menu seduces chefs, but paul pairs believes that the entry requires too many preparations. To put the pressure on the trio, which no longer makes moslin in its entrance. Decor side, scam is the street cheek at the bottom and even swings glass bottles on the ground.

Stone and brown menuEntrance: mullet egg, smoked potato mousseline at the haddock, potato salad, grass oil and onion pickles. Dish : Pot-au-feu, fresh broth with herbs and foie gras, mayonnaise purée de potatoes and wasabi. The menu takes shape, the decoration also and the chefs disembark.

Before anything else, halfway sarran and philippe etchebest are throwing into a game of football. They warn about cooking the egg, which bruno had modified in perfect egg on the version to take away. Now it is time for François-Régis gaudry to discover the restaurants of each and to designate which will not open.

It describes the roommate as “small comfort bubble in the middle of town” and seems positively intrigued by the menu. “Whatever one has emptied his cellar in front of the restaurant?” Finally, arriving in the nomad, the judge appears seduced by the promise of travel.

Finally, François-Régis gaudry chose to enter the restaurants of mohamed and matthias, as well as sarah and srnaud. Tasting on site and take awayIn the nomad, the mood is good for the chefs. At the time of serving the entrance, mohamed, matthias and mathieu realize that they forgot the lemon cream.

All are as conquered by the dish, but still feel that the plate lacks spices. Except for the tip of piquant, a little too present according to darroze helene. The dish is a little too greedy, and the chefs would have liked an alternative to the covers.

The presentation comes out a bit of the street food codes for michel sarran. Verdict of the chiefs: the donuts lack refinement and “is not up to the rest”. In home critics, donuts are too fat and the pralined side is not marked enough.

Verdict: mohamed and matthias win the war of the restos, 10 votes to 5 for sarah and srnaud, which join stone and bruno in the last chance. Last chanceon the theme of the salad, sarah, snaud, stone and browno fight for this last event of the evening. Arnaud recipe: a variety of salads, roasted barbecue sugar, mizuna salad mayonnaise.

Stone recipe: roasted sucrine with ice-cream barbecue at wasabi, rocket pesto and cresson, oseille back, cresson-macadamia emulsion. Sarah recipe: purée cresson ink of seiche, bread lost salt, condiment apples-salads burned. During the tasting at the blind, helène darroze, michel sarran, philippe etchebest and paul pairt have less loved the arnaud plate, which is eliminated.