Top chief 2021 – thomas eliminated: “the chief michel sarran is not always easy” (exclu)

Top chief 2021 – thomas eliminated:

Hard blow for chisholm thomas. The young 28-year-old was eliminated from top 2021 during the last episode aired on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, after nine weeks of competition. For, the candidate of the sarran midchel brigade and darroze helene took stock of his adventure.

I’m not very competitive, so I was already happy to have arrived so far, it was a great experience so I went rather happy. Necessarily, with a slight disappointment to tell me that we could have gone further, but life is like that. At the last chance, philippe etchebest estimates that your cabbage “many of flavor, taste”.

Michel sarran estimates that the cabbage is “water-burned,” paul pairs the same aqueous. I had a little bit of awkward so we have to assume, we have to say when we did something less good of which I completely understood their critics, their returns, as for all of what I could do in top chef. At his last chance, stone “scratched the forehead.”

During other seasons, candidates also injured on-off. No, I was lucky not to hurt myself. I want to say, a little bit the whole but what was a strong moment of adventure was instant cooking in front of the angél león chef.

I think it’s the test with the old glenn leader where we had a little worm-ripping problem, so raw material. It made us miss the test but again it’s part of the contest. You have evolved within the sarran midchel brigade and darroze helene during the contest!

It’s really two great chefs who have a real knowledge to do, who make very fair reviews. It’s true that helène darroze, I haven’t had the opportunity to work very long with her, it’s only lasted one episode. With the chiefs we don’t keep contact, we didn’t have the right to talk outside the camera, so here we kept our distances a little bit.

I didn’t keep contact with anyone except paul pairs that I crossed in the city center of perpignan, we had the opportunity to talk a little bit in the street. Do you think your team change has played in your elimination? It’s possible, and again, I was alone for the last chance.

Maybe it put me in a somewhat different mentality I admit, as soon as I changed my brigade I started asking myself questions and it didn’t. But I don’t think it’s because of that. I’ve missed myself on my trial, so here I can only blame myself.

In top chef and daily, there are few women in the kitchen. I had the opportunity and the chance to work with a lot of women in the kitchen, which was really great. I think the number of women as candidates reflects a little bit of the imbalance in the kitchen in general.

Alexia duchêne, ex-candidate of top chef, had denounced sexual harassment, even worse in the kitchen. For months, we’ve been used to stay in the shadows, in our kitchens, so it’s changing a lot. Since the beginning of the adventure, I receive only benevolent messages, so I keep a very good memory.

I didn’t think I was disappointed at all. What do you have to respond to these ignited statements? You had entrusted in interview to have been first recaled to the casting of top chief then recalled for this season 2021.

I actually had a friend of mine who pushed me a little bit to register with him but I had too much time to fill my file, I think it played a lot. I started the first interviews and it went well, but it didn’t do it for season 11. I was very sure that between the number of candidates who apply and I took a little bit late, it was going to be complicated, but I was happy when the recorder contacted me the year after to find out if I was still going.

You told me that one of your friends had been in season 11, who is it? He gave me some advice but his course stopped early enough, despite the fact that it was a great cook, so I didn’t get as much information as I wanted to have. But it was nice to have a friend who had set foot in this contest.

I think I might live it better than other cooks because with this top chef experience, there are still things for us. Even if it’s a difficult time, I’m clearly not to complain. What do you think of the scandal of clandestine dinners?

I don’t know too much, it’s up to everyone to do as he feels, the important thing is that we’re all responsible. I have several ideas but I take the time to think, make the right choices. I think we were 15 candidates ready to use top chef as a springboard, everyone agrees to take advantage of it and boost his career a little bit.

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