TPMP and the Loana case: Security intervenes live to separate Sylvie Ortega and Eryl Prayer

TPMP and the Loana case: Security intervenes live to separate Sylvie Ortega and Eryl Prayer

Touche’s show not at my position on March 2, 2021, at least the last part, was hardly looking. Sylvie Ortega was invited for a right of reply after the accusations of Eritrean Prayer, Loana’s friend. As a result, she had often incomprehensible remarks, insulted Benjamin Castaldi and almost came to his hands (two times) with Loana’s 10-year-old friend.

Sylvie Ortega was supposed to defend himself and the viewers were entitled to more than twenty inconvenience and pathetic minutes. I don’t know if on this tray there’s someone who knows the gravity of what happened. No one thought about whether I had a family, children, parents, that someone could be a heartbeat in my family, especially my mother who lights up the television station and could have fallen stiff,” started Sylvie Ortega.

Then, she who could defend herself never managed to go to the end of what she meant. However, she made a clear message: after the day before, she could have killed herself if she hadn’t been a strong woman. Regarding Loana because it was the main subject, she didn’t say anything interesting.

For her, if she wanted to kill Loana, why would she have appeared all smiles in the Hanuna show? For Sylvie Ortega, Loana “accuse everyone of something” and she recalls in particular that Loana accused Fred Cauvin and her mother of taking him 800,000 euros. She was then to defend herself on the fact that she tried to kill Loana by giving her some medicines but again, the sequence didn’t lead to anything.

We just keep it that according to her, Loana “is not bipolar”, that it is a “person who constantly lies.” Then she started to get mad, the tone went up with Benjamin Castaldi, whom she insulted as a jerk. It was then that the highlight of this hallucinating and depressing show arrived with the stage entrance of Eritrea Prayer.

She took it to Eritrea’s father Prayer in the past, which earned her a live insult to a bitch and she replied that he dared to take it to her husband. I was very close to my father and knew that a person like her could denigrate my family and my father died in 2013 was unbearable. Now I’d like to get Loana’s stuff, jewelry, credit cards, what you got from her I can give her back.

Loana would like you to disable the Tik Tok account opened to her name because she wasn’t aware of it, there’s usurpation of identity.” Then, after telling Sylvie Ortega that she had dragged Loana into the mud, the spirits again suffocated. In conclusion, Sylvie Ortega said she wanted to file a complaint against Loana because she said she wanted to kill her and want to do the same with Eryl Prayer.

Not sure that these TV shows do good to Loana, they say long on its surroundings…