Tunisiano, Tarek Boudali, Gradur… present for the opening of “Manzil”

Thursday 18 June 2020, the lounge restaurant Manzil opened its doors. Located on the outskirts of the parc des princes (37 avenue du Général-Sarrail, in the 16th arrondissement of paris), this new location will delight both carnivores and lovers of art, since it is possible to buy the works of art displayed there.

For its opening, many personalities were present, beginning with rappers Gradur, ” – Dosseh, Az or even Adams, a former member of Sexion Assault (as it is rumored to return this year). Tunisiano (41 years old), former member of the group Sniper, was also of the party, just like Mac Tyer (Validated).

The world of television was represented by the famous Pascal the big brother, Pascal soetens ed., Mokhtar, columnist Samuel Bambi, but also journalists Anne-Laure Bonnet and Charlotte Namura. This last was accompanied by her man, Jean-Luc Guizonne.

The actors Said Taghmaouï,Tarek Boudali, Wahid Bouzidi were of the party, just as Kamel Guenfoud, the “Mammoth” Nicky Larson film de Philippe Lacheau.

The Manzil is also a room of stand-up, a lot of clubs were present for the opening of the restaurant. Start by Hakim Jemili, Younes Depardieu, Merwane Benlazar, Lisa Smadja, Djimo, Ahmed Sparrow, or even Redouane Bougheraba.

The agent Hafid Bellazaar, the director Karim Kachour, the producer Bel-Abbes Bouaissi or Dj Mister Shokola were there for this beautiful ceremony.