Umberto smaila: “I became grandfather and I am happy”

Umberto smaila:

“I became a grandfather and if I don’t see every day the photo of my granddaughter I’m not well”, says the showman 70 years old in this exclusive interview to the weekly today. Not to be lostumberto smaila is a happy man: “I have a nice family and I play the plan, what regrets can I have?”, he says in this exclusive interview to the weekly today. Wears a cap, a t-shirt with Charlie’s angels and dark glasses.

To open the door is the fanny, blonde and bright wife. In front, smaila has the book of verdone carlo. By force, the director has recently owed it: “I owe everything to Smaila,” he said.

“It was a surprise because I don’t say that my carlo contacts were rare, they were very rare. He called me half Italian to tell me: “Have you seen how much Verdone loves you?” I tracked the number and thanked him”. Tell me what happened.

“It was the time of non-stop, I went to his dressing room at the rai, I made him some kind of audition. I suggested to make the children of God that the most remember because in that piece there was a beautiful torment. I said: “Look at this background.” he was not convinced, he wanted to start with a sisto bridge deer.

I insisted, the day after all Italy said “a lot nice””. umberto smaila, mara venier, jerry calà, diego abatantuono and many other vip: the repatriata is a show! – videoWe come to her: from the shirt she wears seems like a lover of Charlie’s angels.

“You can see that you didn’t see well, it’s the girls cyn big. I am in the middle… look that I did not wear it because she came, it is a common shirt, not a trophy». Common shirt not so much: Big shot got successful.

99 percent were foreign, for them it was a way to make a holiday in Italy. And, above all, none of the family would have known anything about it.” “The British when they heard that it was broadcast by a private television in the great brethren were concerned.

But then it all ended up with tarallucci and wine, strippers don’t say they were chaste, but I mean, it wasn’t lap dance. Those who stripped were models that came from Holland, from Norway… they were not great professionals in my opinion. It was also in an artisan way because there was little time, we had to make 4 bets one way the other from 2 to 8 in the evening”.

Mara venier, shock revelation: “Jerry calà betrayed me the day of our marriage” – lookHe said the big shot liked the friars. It happened during a football match between friars and us of the national TV artists. At some point I found myself from 200 points per year to zero.

I had to review my whole life, sell the mercedes, I wrapped my sleeves and went to the theater to make fred buscaglione. I invented this brand, so as to guarantee me also a working certainty”. Instead he takes the rights for his music that he wanted tarantino.

“I had done the music of the beast with the miter, with helmut berger, it was a B-movie of those who liked him so much. If I tell you that you with cap, dark glasses and the piano would be a perfect tarantino character who answers me? Umberto smaila, the choir with theocles, abatantuono diego, cochi e Renato… and there is also J-Ax – videoand if instead I reminded her that at the time of the cats had nicknamed her “Gattone”?

“It was due to my body, even though I was much leaner than today, I was always the most in flesh. And then maybe I was the one with the good look, as a garrone. And the alley with that name really exists in verona, had enjoyed it.

I do not tell her the difficulty in the years to make the right name to our fans, always there to correct them”. “Irruente I don’t know if he is, he was very determined to do what he would want: to become a character. Then like all the Piedmontese, like the vein, was endowed with a certain will force.

Dawn of equal men: “With me the first time they have always made crab…” – lookYou’re the father of four children, what father is? “I think I’ve done well, but the news is I’ve become a grandfather, an Edward. I can tell you that if I don’t see your picture every day, I’m not okay.

From father I have not been so anxious as to grandfather”. And then I say to her, I have a nice family, and I play the plan.