Vaimalama chaves pregnant? the frank and filterless response of Miss france!

Vaimalama chaves pregnant? the frank and filterless response of Miss france!

While amandine small, miss france 2021, is preparing to represent the tricolor flag in the election of Miss Universe, an old beauty queen takes advantage of her new life after the reign: the superb and warm vaimalama chaves, miss france 2019, continues her career in the song and became influencer. As a couple with the charming flowery nicolas, the beautiful 26-year-old brunette is questioned about her possible role as a mother, one day. On instagram, while an internet user thinks she’s pregnant, she answers cash.

In order to spend the time during his journey by train to betting, vaimalama chaves launches Sunday, May 2, 2021 a question/answer session with more than 580,000 story subscribers. “are you pregnant?” The expression “morning child,” very little known, is explained by the beautiful tahitian. ”

But that is not enough, a web user did not understand the meaning and asks him to enlighten it. “If you didn’t understand, you’re too young. And I’m not going to explain it to you,” says vaimalama chaves, full of humor.

Let’s recall that the beautiful has already mentioned her report to maternity in September 2020 during an interview with our colleagues in the magazine gala. Neither one wants to program anything like a marriage, children, we feel too young again,” she said. Vaimalama chaves is 26 years old and her nicolas blossom two and a half years younger than she is 23 years old.

Probably because the notion of biological clock has no reality for me. But to date, I must admit that in a completely selfish way, I just want to share my life with one person!”