Vaimalama Chaves singer : his father, disappointed that it does not make a “real job”

Vaimalama Chaves, our sublime Miss France in 2019, has very quickly fallen in love with the television viewers with her beauty, her humor and her ukulele. The Tahitian plays perfectly to this instrument which she accompanies her sweet voice. It is not surprising that a record company has offered a contract to release an album, Good Vaïbes, which will be launched at the end of the year. An opportunity that he has, it seems, not like the father of the beautiful Miss.

Interviewed by Closer, the young woman of 25 years first of all recalled that embrace a musical career was a choice that she had not taken lightly : “Carry this album is well thought through and we worked a lot on it.” So much the worse if his parents would have liked it to do something else. Without a language of wood, Vaimalama Chaves reveals that he might have disappointed his father in realizing his dream to sing : “Consider an artistic profession is not part of the codes in Tahiti, and still less those of my father. Singer is not a ‘real job’ for him and he thought I was going to return to live with them to start a career more concrete. Today, they are proud of me, but they are unsure of my future.”

This is not the first time that the singer reveals his tensions with his father (and his mother) about his choices. This had already been the case when it was entered in the contest Miss France : “My father had other ambitions for me. He would have preferred that I work at his side to have a steady income and avoid a precarious situation. It would have also loved that I should build my house to be as independent as possible. But this was not my destiny. I participated in Miss Tahiti and my life has changed.”

To be switched, the life of Vaimalama Chaves has switched to the… After his master’s degree in management, she spoke to the teacher she had to teach the marketing, but she eventually dropped his studies and moved to Tahiti to live in metropolis. A decision that is successful for him so far.