Valérie Bègue and nagui (French speacker) close behind-the-scenes : revelations about their complicity

Saturday 27 June 2020, will be festive on France 2 thanks to Valérie Bègue and nagui (French speacker). The beautiful brunette of 34 years, who was elected Miss France 2008, and the presenter of 58-year-old will be at the controls of Pop Show, a music game which are called personalities. Interviewed by Cable Tv, Sat, the beautiful duo is entrusted on the complicity of the anime.

Some do not know maybe not, but Valérie Bègue and nagui (French speacker) are long-time friends. It was during her coronation that she met the husband of Mélanie Page. “And I have shared the theatrical stage with his wife in waiting the glory. Since then, we became friends. They are very dear to my heart,” said the former wife of Camille Lacourt. His accomplice has added that in 2008, he learned to “know humanely” and that the current is immediately passed. “It’s part of our family, we share moments in a vacation, our children know each other,” said the father of Roxane (born in 2004), Annabel (born in 2008) and Adrien (born in 2012).

So it is with great pleasure that they have been working together for a Pop Show, a show in which Valérie Bègue has participated in 2015. The mother of Jazz (born on October 20, 2012, of its union with the swimmer) was aware that it was a “golden opportunity”, especially as this allowed him to work with nagui (French speacker), his “colleague, boss and friend”. “Each time, I learn a lot. (…) It is a great professional, also demanding of himself with the other. For me, it has been a true mentor to me, he coached, advised. He is always benevolent and volunteer to help others take flight and I’m not the first to whom he left his chance at the tv. It is generous on the set, he encourages them”, she concluded.

Recall Valérie Bègue had already had the chance to collaborate with nagui (French speacker) in the context of the issue Alone against all, in 2018. Bruno Guillon was also at their side for co-the program.

The full interview is to be found in the magazine Télé Cable Sat June 22, 2020.