Valerie Bénaïm the victim of two sick direct in C that kif

The déconfinement he was not really successful… Wednesday 13 may 2020, when a new issue of C that kif on C8, Valerie Bénaïm has raised concerns on the board. And for good reason, the companion of patoche has been the victim of two discomforts in the course of the show. Moments of weakening caused by one of its first sorties flown as soon as the quarantine is lifted, namely, a visit to the dentist.

After the broadcast of a short documentary, Valerie Bénaïm has thus disappeared from the antenna to flee in the background, on a couch. “Darlings, for this magneto, we had a small problem with Valerie… that goes well“, reassures Cyril Hanouna when you return to the image. And he explained : “It is actually numb the tooth this afternoon and she has a small voltage drop, but this is nothing serious. (…) Lay down (…). If you must do the mouth-to-mouth, I’ll do it…“, he joked to relax the atmosphere. For its part, the main stakeholder was kept the smile to avoid the panic around the situation, rushing the passage to have a thought for his mother. “Mom, all is well”, and him she thus addressed in front of the camera.

More fear than harm, because a few minutes later, Valerie Bénaïm gained its place among the other chroniclers. But after a handful of timid interventions, the facilitator has once again found the couch following a second voltage drop. This time, it hasn’t moved up to the end of the show. On the social networks, they are many to him have sent their wishes of good recovery.