Valérie Trierweiler spree Game : the great challenge that awaits and fulfills

In the heart of the summer, while the health crisis turns into the economic crisis hurting many areas of activity including media, Valérie Trierweiler learned of his dismissal of the editors of Paris Match after two decades of loyal service. After you have received the new – and down a few haters on Twitter – she sees the glass as half full and focuses on the following.

On Instagram, the former first lady has announced a project close to his heart and should give him a little smile. “On the 18th of September, I will start with my co-fellow @karine_fournier_21 for a new raid @defi_delles to Arcachon in the face of the other 61 teams. I’m certainly not among the first but I look forward to participate, as the ambassador to this new sporting challenge. And I will finish even if the Covid contracted at the beginning of the containment left me out of breath. I take back the sport. On the menu : tests running on the beach, biking in the forest and canoeing. This is a perspective that encourages me to raise the head, me to move, to convince me that not at 55, not everything is finished. Many of the participants have gone through trials, cancers sometimes, and all those that are there are swinging, of all ages, of all professions, what a joy to find it again !”, a-t-she writes.

Valerie Trierweiler, who has already shown his sporting ability in the past, unveils the passage to be part of the long list of personalities who have contracted the coronavirus. A test during which, one imagines, she has been able to rely on her lover Roman Magellan.

The concept of the Challenge is the following : “Running, cycling, rowing, swimming and sometimes skiing in the middle of vast natural and wild, these are the challenges that offer raids as well as Challenge Them. Parenthesis sport and well-being, the raid Challenge, It mixes adventure, courage, tenacity, sharing and surpassing oneself.”