Validated (Channel) : A former candidate of The Voice cast

In the series Endorsed (Channel), Franck Gastambide copy the middle of the French rap. Thus, the young aspiring artist, Apash (Hatik), falls in love with a certain Louise, popular singer with the velvet voice. We’re guessing that this character is inspired by the talented Angela. Sometimes annoying, Louise is interpreted by Liv Del Estal, a former candidate of The Voice.

It has been discovered this artist on February 17, 2018, the day of the mailing of its first hearing in the blind, on TF1. Repeating a song by Édith Piaf, Liv Del Estal had convinced the four members of the jury. It will, however, continue the adventure with Zazie. Well advanced in the season 7 of The Voice, she will leave the show after the first direct. An edition won by Maëlle.

His involvement with The Voice has opened the way for the comedy to the young woman of 23 years. She is also cast in the series medical H24, giving a reply to Frédérique Bel. Everything seems to smile at Liv Del Estal, who was even able to put it on the album from the series is Validated. You could see the title Follow, along with those signed by S. Pri Noir, Soprano, DA Uzi, Larry, Ninho or Master Gims.

On the 17th of April last, Liv Del Estal has unveiled a new single called in Front of the cinema. A very pretty song whose verses are in Spanish.