Vanessa (Secret Story) very thin : Photos and secrets of his transformation

In 2009, Vanessa has participated in the third season of Secret Story, edition, won by Emilie Nef Naf, with whom she shared the secret “We are the worst enemy”. At the time, Vanessa was 21 years old, she was blonde and didn’t seem very sporting. Eleven years later, the young woman is unrecognizable. She changed her hair color since she became a brunette and is much more refined. On August 10, 2020, it has unveiled a before/after of his transformation, and has shared her secret to slimming.

“Hi everyone !!! As many of you are asking me questions about my physical transformation, I give you my secret. After having lived through a difficult period in my life, I have lost 10 kilos, and after that, I didn’t want to take it back. So I’ve changed my conditions of life, and today I feel much better in my skin. Here’s my daily routine : I eat no red meat, I allow myself occasionally chicken. No gap in the day (cakes, candies, or other), no soft drink, I drink a lot of water. By contrast, level flat, I eat really whatever I want without deprive myself. I hope that my advice will serve you to all of you as friends. Force be with you”, she wrote.

A user asked if it also was a sport and Vanessa assured him that no, the “all”. Suffice to say that her metamorphosis physical is all the more amazing. This post has been “liked” by his ex-rival Emilie Nef Naf through his account of The Secret by Emilie Nef Naf, which represents his brand of slimming products.

The difficult period of which talks about Vanessa is the one where she opened a restaurant with his brother. Overwhelmed by work and stress, she had lost 10 kilos in two months and a half. At the time, she had even passed the medical tests to know if she had a disease. This was not the case.