Véronika Loubry victim of an infarction of the eye, the moderator in trouble

It is the view of disorder as Véronika Loubry took the word on social networks, she wanted to tell her misadventures. Following a glitch of health occurred three months ago in Miami, the facilitator, the 51-year-old is going to have to be patient. Very patient. The problem ?

As she explained on Instagram on may 22, 2020, it has suffered a “total black-out of vision” at the level of the left eye, in two episodes. A few seconds, first, longer then. “This time the vision did not return. There was a black cloud in the middle of my eye, she remembered. I did, apparently, a heart attack of the eye or for other a partial thrombosis of the vein of the temporal bottom of the retina that is responsible for a macular edema that causes vision loss in the center.”

It’s a term that has something to give the thrill – and make a cardboard Scrabble. If she decided to unburden himself on the subject, it is because Véronika Loubry received a lot of messages that it was unable to answer, having a lot of trouble distinguishing between what was happening on his screen. And the galleys are far from over. “Nobody can see it, except me, that the sense of the daily, has continued the mum of Thylane Blondeau. It may take four, six months or a year. But I’m going to recover the sight because, already, I believe in it thoroughly, I positive every day and I removed the stress.” There are more than to count quietly the days.

Of course, it is in all modesty that Véronika Loubry has done this a few confessions. Currently, the world is fractured by a terrible pandemic, the sars coronavirus, and the actress was well aware of. “You will tell me this is nothing, and I get that,she concluded. If I compare myself to others obviously… I think of all the people who during the Covid-19 have had some health issues, so much more important than mine. But it is annoying, I assure you, you will not see much of it.” Hope that her partner, Gerard Kadoche, be there for her. As the right arm… and left eye.