Vincent Cassel is out of the hospital : wounded face and dressing XL

He will not have to wait long before Vincent Cassel gives his new. May 22, 2020, the actor of The Hatred is seized of his account Instagram to reveal his face bruised, after having been the victim of a scooter accident two days earlier. On Wednesday, the actor of 53-year-old was in the municipality of Arbonne, near Biarritz, when he fell from his two-wheeler. Wounded in the face, he was then transported to the polyclinique Aguilera Biarritz.

“Everything is going well. I am the living one. Thank you,” he first told in story Instagram. Friday, the husband of Tina Kunakey then filmed with the large bandage on his head : “never give a nod of the head to a rhino”, a-t-he said with derision. More fear than harm for the star Outside the norm and therefore, which will certainly have to rest in the next few days, from his home in Bidart, with his wife and their baby the Amazon (1 year).

Perhaps he could also spend time with his two eldest daughters, Deva and Leonie (15 and 9 years old), since his ex-wife Monica Bellucci has decided to leave Paris to be stuck next to him on the basque coast. The star couple has been divorced for seven years now, but continues to maintain a friendly relationship, so much so that they ended up at the Venice film Festival last summer.

Passionate about surfing, Vincent Cassel isn’t afraid to get some scratches. Last summer, he was already hurt your back after a session of foil surfing, a variant of the surf with a board and a mast to the fins to “fly” above the waves.