Vincent Cerutti : Photo with his pretty sister, the wife of the shadow of the tv

June 30, 2020 is a date to mark a milestone, because it is the one of a reunion between Vincent Cerutti and his little sister. The opportunity to pose together and to reveal their similarity on social networks. But beyond a strong family look, the duo will have another common point : the television.

“Homecoming today with my pitchounette, my little sister that I love so strong. With the containment and the days passed by, it had been four months without seeing us,” commented the ex-star of TF1 on Instagram. A happiness shared by his younger sister, Heloise, who answered in a comment : “You have brightened my day, my brother of love.” Even Hapsatou Sy, the companion of Vincent Cerutti and mom to Abbie (3 years) and Isaac (7 months), responded by saying that they were beautiful together. And it is true. The brother and sister, who are look-alikes, are both beautiful and they seem very close.

In 2012, they had laid together for the Gala, and the instructor had said about his junior : “It is very fusional. Being an only son, it is always complicated to manage, especially a child… I was so happy when she was born, my pitchounette !”

A complicity all natural, since they both have the passion of journalism in them. If we do this the more Vincent Cerutti (Dancing with the stars, M radio, Chérie FM, RFM…), Héloïse also works for tv shows very famous. She has worked for C8, visibly to The Earth Sunday, and performs the calls to cookies to I love you, etc, which aired on France 2.

A difficult separation

April 24, 2020, Vincent Cerutti was shared on Instagram of his suffering, being away from parents and Heloise. In the caption of a photo of him posing with them, he had written : “Like you, my family I miss… my parents and my little sister 200 miles away. But we still have to wait, not to slacken the discipline of this containment.”

Now that the reunion took place, Heloise will be able to spend more time with his grandchildren Abbie and Isaac. What happiness !