Vincent queijo physically metamorphosed: its incredible before/after

Vincent queijo physically metamorphosed: its incredible before/after

vincent queijo is a new man. On May 5, 2021, the tele-reality candidate who was revealed to the general public in secret story 7 (2013) unveiled his incredible metamorphosis to his subscribers, on instagram. A few months ago, Rym’s fiancé seriously went to sports.

For proof, he unveiled an impressive pre/after in story instagram (see slideshow.) “I really want to put you a little before/after. I’m a little ashamed of the front, but good, that’s how it’s normal.

Vincent queijo finally threw himself into the water and he did well. A la suite de sa publication, il a reçu de nombreux messages de congratulations. In order to, perhaps, motivate some of its subscribers, vincent queijo unveiled the details of its metamorphosis: “I made a food rebalancing, I do a lot of sport, I learned to love the muscu.

(…) I also have friends with whom I was able to train and who motivated me. A big thank you to my wife, too, who supported me and motivated me. Sometimes she made me feel guilty about food and it helped me in my way of eating.”

The beautiful brunette took the same coach as laurent correia, because he saw the results on the jazz bride. This change, vincent did it for him, but not that. “when I became a father, I let myself go a lot the first three months.

He was out of the question that I can’t run after my daughter or I can’t wear it because I’m in pain. I can’t afford to get too wide a gap with my wife. That would mean I’m letting myself go, I’m not in seduction with her anymore.

It’s not that she likes muscles, but if you like it, it’s gonna have to feel in the relationship. My wife sees that I feel good.” The path is still long for the father of Maria-Valentina (7 months.)