Vitaaa, “a loque” 15 days after the Covid-19: lost pounds, more breath.


Days pass and the number of French affected by the Covid-19 continues to increase. The country must face a new wave, the third, which led the emanuel macron to shut down schools to try to reduce contamination, hospitalizations and death. Just like the minister of the pink culture bachelot or the former candidate of Koh-Lanta die – both hospitalized – vitaaa was touched by the Covid-19.

Fortunately for the 38-year-old singer had a less serious shape, but the aftermath is well there. “sport recovery fifteen days post covid. Well, I don’t know what it’s gonna give, but I can’t be a loque anymore,” she wrote first.

Once her intense session was completed, made of many exercises, the singer took stock. “covid 1 / chacha 0”, said vitaaa, whose real name is carlotte gonin. “Hey, everybody, I’m doing this little video to do a little bit because I’m reading everything and anything on the networks, it’s making me yoke.

“I had two days a little complicated, frankly it’s much better, thank God. We’re getting these TVs, but of course I wasn’t going to contaminate everyone,” she added.