Walking with the hamster in the cage, fined a man in modena

18 April 2020″I brought it in to get a breath of air”: this was the justification of a man yesterday afternoon, in a park in the city of Carpi, in the Modenese, was stopped by the police after being caught walking with a hamster locked in a cage.

“Need to be distracted, you become hot-tempered to be in the house,” she added, but the ‘justification’ was not considered sufficient, and the man was fined for having violated the prohibition of mobility, is to be entered within a park, to which access has been inhibited by a local ordinance.

In the past few days, during the checks of the containment to the coronavirus, the police have detected 36 violations between the towns of Carpi, Campogalliano, italy, Finale Emilia, San Felice sul Panaro, San Prospero, and Mirandola.