Who is Aeham Ahmad, the pianist, the syrian who accompanied Elodie in Sanremo 2020

Among the many names proposed for this 70th edition of the Festival of Sanremo there is also the one of Aeham Ahmad, he is best known as the pianist who played under the bombing in Syria. His cry for peace, through music and culture has become a symbol and its history has been around the world. The young musician will take the stage of the Ariston theatre to accompany Elodie, in the evening of duets, where she will sing the song Now you, Eros Ramazzotti.

Who is Aeham Ahmad

Aeham Ahmad has 32 years old, and was born in Syria in Damascus, since that is part of the minority palestinian in the Country he has lived his whole life in a refugee camp at Yarmouk, where his grandfather found refuge in 1948. His childhood was not simple, as you can imagine, but it is the music to save it. From the age of five, he began studying piano that would become his greatest passion, and supported by his family, at the age of 23 she manages to graduate from the conservatory of Damascus. From this moment on, the music and its performances have become a symbol of peace, a message of freedom in a Country that has never been able to enjoy it. In an interview Aeham Ahmad has stated that, initially, did not really clear why the father wished him to learn to play: “those Who are born there, born a refugee, without nationality, neither palestinian nor syrian. My dad from an early age I repeated that I had to learn to play the piano, it seemed to me absurd, in that situation, in a refugee camp as big as a city of 700 thousand inhabitants. I was wondering what significance they might have, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky… I didn’t like playing it, up to my 16 years we fought, he pushed, I frenavo. In the end I realized that I had in hand the tools to change my life, as happens to those who study medicine or law.”

The ban on music in Syria

In 2012 he began the civil war in Syria, and it was in that moment that Aeham Ahmad has decided to use his music as a sign of protest to what was happening in his Country: “The only way out was my music and so I used to denounce our situation: until then nobody knew about the field of Yarmouk, my videos have started to turn, that was my purpose,” as revealed to the Corriere della Sera. The event that has literally changed his life, occurred in 2015, when it was issued the prohibition to practise music in Syria and at her piano, in fact, was burned in front of his eyes. This is the reason why Aeham Ahmad has had to leave his Country, and decided to go to Germany, finding refuge in Munich, after crossing Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, and Austria. He decided, finally, to settle in Wiesbaden, Germany, Central and Western. There he held his first concerts, and is managed with the earned money to bring his family: the wife, the children and the parents.

The weight of its history

On 5 December 2019, was a guest in an episode of the X Factor, and said that it was his first time in a talent, also because Aeham Ahmad is convinced of not having talent, rather, the fact that he has become a character so important not to depend on the condition in which he found himself playing. Its history, in fact, has become famous in Europe, and then the subject of a book, “The pianist of Yarmouk”, published by “The ship of Theseus”. The Courier, the pianist revealed: “I don’t like a story, I understand that my image among the rubble, is powerful, but I’m tired. The truth is that I am 31 years old but I feel 70, the war you get older, when you see people die in ways, terrible and inhuman, you’d only need someone that will clear the memories from the mind”.