Who is Ana Mena, the Spanish singer of the hit with Fred De Palma

This year the 70th edition of the Festival of Sanremo will see on stage not only the biggest names in music of the past, but also the new stars that populate the charts of today, especially in the evening, dedicated to duets. For example, to get on the stage of the Ariston theatre will be one of the most popular of the summer just passed, it is Ana Mena, the Spanish singer that will join Riki with which to sing “The ivy”, a song of Nilla Pizzi.

The career of Ana Mena between music, tv and cinema

Class of 1997, Ana Mena is a singer and Spanish actress, who started her career in the world of music since 2006 when he won the twelfth edition of the Veo Veo Awards, awards, several best-known in the field of music and Spanish after which she released a single that hit the charts from the title Esta es mi illusion. His career has ranged even in the world of television, where he participated in the television series Supercharly, aired on Telecinco. Without a shadow of a doubt, its collaboration the most important is that with Pedro Almodovar in the film “The skin I live in” in which she showed off her singing skills.

The success in South America

The real success came a few years later, when in 2016, released a new single ” No soy como tú crees, pop song has entered among the 50 songs most listened to on Spotify and also on the charts in spain. It will then be the collaboration with the group of CNCO , and the songs Loco como yo, Se Fue and Ahora lloras tu that captivate the audience in Latin America, climbing even to the top of iTunes.

The songs with Fred De Palma

In Italy, the name Ana Mena is known because it is associated with the Fred De Palma, one of the most well-known rapper from the Italian of the moment. After he released the solo album, Index, the Spanish singer has recorded in June 2018, the song “summer’s not true”, which has won the platinum disc. A year later he is continuing this fruitful collaboration with the single “once again”, which is published also in a Spanish version titled “If lluminaba”.