Yves and Carinne (Koh-Lanta) have been broken : “there was a parasite” (EXCLUDED)

The new seems almost impossible to believe… a Few days after having conducted an interview of Yves, a candidate Koh-Lanta in 2017, in which he had expressed his love for Carinne, as revealed in the adventure game in 2019, we learned that they are separated. Yves has accepted to tell us more in an interview without a filter.

How have you been since the break ?

I’m fine, I’m very recommended and surrounded during these holidays and it’s been really good to the morale. On 13 August, it would have made the eleven months that we are together. The first four months were very fusional to all points of view. We could not look at without being drawn by the other. We never stayed a long time without seeing and we spent a lot of time together. It has seen thirty to forty times those first few months, minimum. And when we were far from one another we would send messages all day, all night until very late. Even during our vacation, we did not stop to write. It was really what is called love at first sight.

Can we tell what happened ?

The first six months have gone well, the containment also. We lived 24 hours on 24 hours together, everything was going well. But there was always a parasite in the area and up until the start of our holidays where everything changed. Even if we lived far away from one another, geographical distance is not the reason for our separation. Rather, it is the perversity of a person who has manipulated and pushed Carinne to me a lack of respect.

Do you hope to renew every two ?

We never see them again. She didn’t want me no more.

How to live your children and his family because they got on well ?

Our children live it as a separation, and yes, they loved each other well. I’m still in contact with the son of Carinne and her daughter-in-law who are great people. Same thing with his two daughters who are also good people. The children are in no way responsible for the relations of the parents. They are always the victims, unfortunately.

You have spent the weekend with candidates of Koh-Lanta. Their support is important ?

Yes I have spent time with the elders of Koh-Lanta in Saint-Tropez. There is Moussa who is there with his small family, his wife, his parents-in-law… they are lovely people. There is also Wafa, who is a person also adorable, and Beatrice of the season 2019, which is also great. All have given me their support and have brought me many things during this difficult time. I would like to thank them and I can’t thank them enough. Every day we did sports, we laughed, we had fun, we took the opportunity. They are there for me, they are my Kohpains and my Kohpines and once again, I can’t thank them enough. I would also like to do the same with all the people of Koh-Lanta who have sent me messages to support me in this event.

Are you looking for love again ?

I am not looking for love, it hits you.

What is your ideal woman ?

My ideal woman must be respectful, beautiful, loving, loyal, honest and above all really love…

Do you want to add something to conclude ?

We would have been able to make a novel photos. I have over 1000 photos of our beautiful love story. But unfortunately it stops there, it is a shame. To move forward in life you have to live with the present and not the past.

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