Yves noël reaches a bipolar disorder: “I have capitalized on this experience” (exclusive)

Yves noël reaches a bipolar disorder:

Purpeople: you have recently explained having a bipolar disorder in a documentary broadcast on tf1. Yves choël : that’s true, but I find it a shame that everything I could say was not taken back. There are a lot of very positive things in my life experience, which I want to highlight.

If I’m talking about my bipolar disorder, it’s also because many people are affected. The basic foundation, specialised in the treatment of bipolar disorders, assesses the number of people with between 1% and 2.5% of the population in france, from 650,000 to 1,600,000 people. Some are not diagnosed and are in great distress, alternate periods of euphoria that can endanger them, and melancholic periods, which can degrade into major depressive episodes.

It is therefore essential that everyone be made aware of this disorder. You said that this disorder was sometimes handicapped, but sometimes positive. In common language it is often said “he or she is bipolar” to talk about mood variations.

But it must also be said that people with bipolar disorder have almost always a lot of qualities. They are hyperactive people, who have a great ability to work, who are very creative, sensitive, empathy-powered and often endowed with a great sense of humor. On the other hand, in france, we take the risk less, because professionally, it can still, sometimes, penalize.

I made my “coming-out” in 2015 in the france 3 newspaper during the first World Day of Bipolar Disorders in france. I was interviewed and I clearly said I was suffering from this disorder. I found it important, as a public figure, to make known this disorder, which produces very great suffering, especially among young adults.